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Somehow, the universe brought you and your partner together. When you found each other you checked to see if it was a match worth pursuing, and when it was deemed viable you put on your boots. 

That’s when you started climbing, you and your partner, and you have been for a long time. You haven’t been alone, there’s been friends and family, loved ones that you will know for the rest of your life and maybe a few people that lent a hand and wandered off. 

Now you’re reaching the precipice. At the top is a great party full of those that helped you along your way. The party celebrates you, your teamwork and everything you both have accomplished. It’s the starting point for the next adventure, the marking point where you say “this is my companion for life, the one who has my back, through thick and thin. I mean, we climbed a mountain together just look at that.” 

Up there on that mountain is me. I get the privilege of being there every week when a new duo reaches the top. During the celebration I wander around with this weird little box that clicks and clacks and captures fleeting memories that will be looked back on for decades.

It’s a pretty rad job. 

I know how difficult relationships can be. How tough and dark things can get, and how through it all there are two people simply fighting for each other. A wedding celebrates that fight, it’s a victory dance, and I try to record it by focusing on the connections - between people, between places, between things. 

To be honest it has very little to do with me and everything to do with you. Couples who tend to focus on things like having a more relaxed schedule, a smaller group of friends at their wedding, and picking a place that they feel connected to make all the difference. In this environment those connections will be so much stronger, they’ll really have room to grow.  

I’ll gladly admit I’m not the photographer for everyone, but if getting married in the woods with a taco truck and a few friends around sounds like something you would be into, I’m sure we could get along. I always suggest that you talk to as many photographers/videographers as you can before booking one. Find the person that truly connects with you, and book them. Try to hire someone you would be genuine friends with. When you are comfortable and trust me it allows me to shoot uninhibited, and when I have freedom you get the best images. 

If you’d like you can learn a bit more about me by following along on instagram (down below), reading some reviews by clicking here, or reaching out here.