Rippetoe Studios


Hudson & Allison // Wild Rose Park, Emmett, ID

This is my brother’s wedding. The day before I shot a pretty long wedding in Oakland and then hauled ass to get to Idaho. Showed up with just a few hours of sleep after a very long 9 hour drive and genuinely shot my heart out loving every minute of the sleep deprived head space I was living in. The wedding itself was a simple little thing in a park along the Payette River. Mosquitos flocked the entire time, but it didn’t really seem to matter. Small weddings have this magic of everyone just being completely connected. Pair that with beautiful scenery and downtime to enjoy the moment, what more could you ask for? 

Casey & Alberto // Lake Tahoe, California Engagement

Casey and Alberto invited me up to their little A-frame in Lake Tahoe to wander around. So that’s what we did, wandered and got bitten by like, way too many mosquitos. Along the way we made some neat photos, and some weird ones as well.

Jaclyn & Laura // Napa Valley, CA

Right after booking with me I headed up to Jaclyn and Laura’s family winery in Napa to scout out where they would be getting married (and have a doggy date). It’s crazy how well they transformed the area from a rocky hill into a beautiful ceremony/reception space. Their wedding was small(ish) and intimate, and full of smiles.