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Casey & Alberto // Lake Tahoe, California Engagement

Casey and Alberto invited me up to their little A-frame in Lake Tahoe to wander around. So that’s what we did, wandered and got bitten by like, way too many mosquitos. Along the way we made some neat photos, and some weird ones as well.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Video // Goodi & Zac

If you haven’t been to Foreign Cinema in San Francisco go there. Go there now. But for real, as someone slightly too obsessed with food how was I to know the best steak of my life would be at a wedding? Goodi and Zac were gracious enough to invite me along for their wedding at San Francisco City Hall where many tears shed and many laughs were had. As a side note a fun game is counting how many weddings are at city hall whenever you swing by. The total count for the hour thirty I was there? 24. Plus these guys so 25 I guess.