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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions 

Whats Your Style?

I’m not sure you could nail down one style. I truly love candid moments, and try to document things as they happen as much as possible, but also kick ass during the posed pictures part of the day. I will say that I really try not to be a cheesy photographer. At no point of the day will I ask you to “say cheese” or awkwardly make out in front of me (basically a stranger). It’s pretty clear when people are forcing a smile, so I focus on making you laugh and enjoy yourselves rather than pretending to. Check out the blog to get a better sense of the style. 

Do You Travel?

Of course! Just tell me where and I'll be there. 

Do you shoot engagement sessions?

I do! I always suggest doing a session with me, even if it’s just a short 30 minute one. It's best to work together prior to your wedding, so that on the day of you are comfortable being around me and my camera. 

Do you take in-person meetings?

If you are in the Sacramento area I would love to sit down and chat! If you are anywhere else I would love to Skype/facetime/phone it up though! 

Do you shoot family group photos?

This is the one time every member of both your families will be in the same space together, to not capture that would be a crime. Typically I like to take big group shots right after your ceremony, but I also try to get photos of everyone naturally throughout the day as well. 

We’ve never been in front of a camera and are a little freaked out, will you help?

I’ll try my best to make sure you are comfortable with me and my camera, which is a big reason I really push doing an engagement session with me prior to your wedding. One of my favorite comments was after a session: "That really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." - Groom. That's really what I'm going for, a relaxed environment where we can just chill and take some nice photos.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely, if your venue needs it let me know, I'll get them a copy asap. 

Should we give you a shot list?

Only of the family groups you want photos taken with! 

When do we get to see our photos?

I like to deliver the full gallery within two months. 

How many photos will we get?

My galleries range anywhere from 400-800 photos, all edited, all beautiful. 

Do you like dogs? 

Probably a little bit too much. Dogs in weddings rate among my top ten things in life. I also have three dogs at home: Snape, Lola, and Burrito.

Wow! Your dogs sound amazing, can you tell me more about them??

Of course!



Lola is our 13 year old (91 dog years) Weiner dog. She’s a straight up warrior badass. She got stuck in a fence when she was a pup and has a massive scar along her side, along with some other battle scars from when she fought a much bigger dog. She mainly spends her days sleeping in her bed covered by a mountain of blankets. She gets annoyed easily and does not like the newest addition to our family (Burrito) one bit.



Snape is a Napoleon. He does not have any idea of how small he actually is, as is the case with many tiny dogs. He’s a 6 year old (42 dog years) chihuahua/terrier mix. Most of his time is spent running around the house and barking at every noise he hears. Either he is very scared of noises or very brave and protecting us, I haven’t quite figured it out yet (Update 19.08.14 - Snape killed a very large rat. From a dog that was deemed the dumbest in even the extended family of dogs he has moved up significantly and has earned his warrior badge). He’s pretty attached to me, and just waits at the door whenever I leave waiting for me to come back home. He’s my adventure buddy.


Burrito. (aka Rito)

Burrito is the baby and the laziest puppy around, she has 3 beds in the house and is currently snoring on one behind me. Snape and Lola were long time companions of my wife long before I came around, so Rito is really my first puppy/dog. She is a 1 year old (7 dog years) Angel/Silver Labrador. Most days are spent as follows: 15% following Caleb, 20% running around with Snape, 40% sleeping on the bed, 25% sleeping on the couch, 100% annoying Lola. Somehow we justify buying her a toy from every store we go to.