Rippetoe Studios

About Me

What it’s all about

The Idea.

I care about moments, and to capture the best moments we have to click (camera pun). For me weddings are about friends and family coming together to celebrate and party. I want to hang out with you while you are getting ready, celebrate with you, and party our asses off.

I always suggest that you talk to as many photographers/videographers as you can before booking one. Find the person that truly connects with you, and book them. Try to hire someone you would be best friends with. When you are comfortable with me and we connect it allows me to shoot uninhibited, and when I have freedom you get the best images. 

The Person. 

I grew up with a videographer as a father so my first experiences with cameras happened fairly young. I’d say I wasn’t a fan. As time went on it made more sense though, I had never been great with words or connecting with people and using photography as a sort of translator was life changing. For the first few years working in the wedding industry was a struggle. I felt like an imposter most of the time, watching people take these giant leaps in their lives and feeling no connection to them. Every so often however I would catch a glimpse of something that felt different, something that felt like the human experience. That is what I started chasing: connections - between people, between places, between things. 

As time has passed I’ve really tried to hone in on what matters and how to capture these connections well. To be honest it has very little to do with me and everything to do with you. Couples who tend to focus on things like having a relaxed schedule, a smaller group of friends at their wedding, and picking a place that they feel connected to make all the difference. The “traditional wedding” is normally packed full of events, people your parents invited, and at a venue that churns out 7 weddings a week. It leaves little room to slow down and enjoy the moment you are living in.

I’ll gladly admit I’m not the photographer for everyone, but if getting married in the woods with a taco truck and a few friends around sounds like something you would be into, I’m sure we would get along. Currently I live in Sacramento CA with my wife and a few dogs, but have traveled all over the west coast for weddings. Feel free to reach out, let’s capture some moments.